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A Path to Hope came about on the encouragement of my dear friend, Carol.   It has been a long 18-months  of navigating the mental healthcare puzzle in search of help for a member of our family who was  suffering in silence with a anxiety and depression.   As a nurse and a mother, I could not believe how difficult it was to find the help we needed.  We did the best we could through trial and error and eventually formed an aggressive treatment plan to start the healing process.  Our path was rough and bumpy and has finally smoothed out and the healing that we prayed for is finally taking place.   

My mission is to offer support and guidance to jump start the process for parents who have a child who is suffering.  In the past year, the occurrence of suicide in our community has been staggering, our children are facing challenges that we cannot comprehend. They are reminded of their insecurities 24/7 by social media.   I am not suggesting that these tragedies could have been prevented, I am simply offering to share what I have learned  (the good, the bad, and the ugly).

If you know of someone who may not know where to turn, please share this page.  I pray that I can help ease the stress of the process for someone.

~Holly O’Connell

Pictured is Dr. Louie Theodore, our family therapist...he is not taking new patients!