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It is funny how things can change and your life takes on a new direction. For me, it has been this organization (A Path to Hope). I honestly feel like I am a vehicle through which these ideas and information are funneled through to get out there to people like you, who actually read this!

I get asked quite a bit, “How did you do that?” referring to the website, and my honest answer is I have no idea. I am amazed at myself and often laugh because, to those who really know me, my tech skills are pathetic at best! I think that is one of the greatest things that has come out of creating A Path To Hope….my confidence in myself. I had no idea I was capable of doing something like this and, frankly, it has come easily to me (again, I am only the vehicle). I had spent many many years insecure, self-conscious, trying to discover who I was and often trying to be something I was not. I still have those insecurities (like why the —did I color my hair again????? Because I felt the pressure of people telling me I should…..that won’t happen again!) I finally feel empowered, I feel I have a purpose and I feel so blessed that my children are heading in the direction of finding their own identity.

The feedback that I have gotten is worth everything to me. Obviously, being a nurse, I have a desire to care for the wellbeing of others, but being able to assist during a (pardon my language) really shi—y situation is a feeling like no other. I literally had NO ONE to turn to during our most difficult time and would have given anything for guidance and information I could trust. I pray that the information I provide is reaching the people it needs to and that their own path to hope can start.

I have big plans for the spring and will just continue to “wing it” and see how they turn out! Seems to be working for me so far!

Thank you for your support, simply having you read this makes me happy and your comments on Facebook are treasured (even the bad ones!)