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I truly have no idea what a “blog” is, but I do have stories to tell. So, sit back, grab that DD coffee, and enjoy my version of a blog post.

Let me tell you about what I call “God winks” and one such wink. Shortly after my son came home from college we entered him into an eating disorder “partial hospitalization” program, which simply means an extended 5-days-a-week, 6-hours-a-day program.  About 3 weeks into this partial hospitalization program, we realized it was not the right fit for him; a suspicion we confirmed through a second opinion (and another great blog post I will get to at some point).  

When our son exited the program a few weeks later, we needed to come up with something for him to do to fill his days and give him a purpose. I had the brilliant (yup) idea and, surprisingly, my husband agreed– Remodel the kids’ bathroom and have my son help with the construction! (Thank you ladies, I am still amazed that I pulled that one off!).  So, I set off to find a contractor.

Here is where God winks, prepare yourselves! I got the name of a contractor and called for an estimate. Here enters Mark, incredibly friendly, polite, and very (very) talkative. I showed Mark the project we had in mind, adding, “My son recently came home from college for a health issue and whoever I hire will need to allow him to help with demo and anything else he can do”.  Without hesitation, Mark replies, “Help? I’ll hire him full-time. My guy literally just quit this morning!” Then he adds, “I am a believer and we only listen to Christian music. I don’t tolerate swearing, I don’t drink or smoke. Does that bother you?”  I hugged Mark and said, “You are hired, there is a reason you were sent to me today!”

My son worked for Mark full-time for the next several months. They spent their days talking about the bible, redemption, and overcoming obstacles.  I will never be able to thank Mark enough for his patience and guidance toward my son, valuable life lessons were learned. Plus, now my son can help my husband with household projects!

– Holly